Build -in Professional Triangular Arbitrage Strategy

We are happy to inform you that our Digital Humanity team created first professional strategy for 1stCryptoTrader software. It is semi-automated (will be updated to fully automated soon) Triangular Arbitrage Strategy.
Read more about triangular Arbitrage:

Video “Professional Triangular Arbitrage Strategy”

All investors who has 50 or more DHT (Digital Humanity Tokens) on balance [For your information 50 DHT = $50 ], and all our clients who deposited 50 or more DHT during next week, can use this strategy for free [Activation fee =0].

Click to deposit and use Triangular Arbitrage for free

Starting from the first of June, all customers who do not have 50 DHT balance will pay activation fee = 59 DHT

Please click: to view Video “How to by DHT”

Clients who activated the strategy for free can use their money on deposit to pay commissions from the trading volume or to use these tokens to pay for the all paid services associated with the 1stCryptoTrader application – e.g., to pay commission fees for traded volume, for usage, for signal and strategy purchases, etc.

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