How To deposit DHT to use 1stCryptoTrader Software

We created 2 video explanations: How To deposit DHT to use 1stCryptoTrader Software. If you own DHT and would like to deposit them to 1stCryptoTrader balance please follow our video instructions. If you registered on If you registered on Do not have DHT yet? Video How to buy DHT    

Important notice: 1stCryptoTrader maintenance 05 Jun, 2019

We will update back-end software 05 Jun, 2019 since 9am NY time till 2pm NY time. During this period of time we do not recommend you trade via 1stCryptoTrader. After updating , you will need transfer DHT to 1stCryptoTrader balance to be able to use the software without any restrictions. Short users guide If you…